Oct 2, 2008

Stick Arena Ballistick Trailer 2

The video is at the bottom of the post!

My thoughts are that the release date should be announced by late October/Early November. If someone could buy an account for me and pm me it on the forums I will guarantee you to be the first person to be able to hack Ballistick. But I need an account that has access to the beta so if you want the first hack then you should help me get the account.

Ballistick Q & A

When will Ballistick be out?
ABallistick is now in closed Beta. Official launch will be announced shortly.

Will Ballistick be free to play?
AMany features of Ballistick will be available for free, including all original Stick Arena features. In addition, there are a countless number of enhancements included for free, including new maps, customizable spinners, a personalized player profile area, the all-new in-game currency system, scratch ticket bonuses, and more.

What do I get with a Lab Pass?
AWith the purchase of a Lab Pass, you'll gain access to 6 new weapons, 7 exclusive maps (set in Space!), collectible and customizable pets, a special members-only server, all 16 dual-colored spinners, the ability to create and share your own maps, and much more.

Can I get into the beta?
AYes! Players who purchase a Lab Pass now will gain immediate access to the Beta, and receive the opportunity to play Ballistick before the general public. 1-month Lab Passes will not expire until 31 days after official launch, providing those players who pre-purchase their Lab Pass with additional playtime for free.

Ballistick Features

Free for Everyone

The original Stick Arena, with countless new features, is free for everyone:

  • 6 Classic weapons (AK-47, Katana, Shotgun, Glock, Sledgehammer, and Baseball Bat)
  • Access to 3 new cross-tileset maps, plus all 17 original maps
  • Character Customization: 4 Dual-Color Spinners to deck out your character
  • All new 'Cred' currency system -- win cred up to 3 times per day by logging in
  • Player profile page, with new statistics
  • Enhanced performance & compatibility, slash commands, and much more
Lab Pass Features (Members Only)

The Lab Pass also gives you access to:

  • 6 Exclusive New Weapons, including the Rail Gun, Chainsaw, Laser Sword, Flamethrower, Tesla Helmet, and Chain Gun
  • 7 additional maps (set in space!)
  • 5 collectable, customizable Pets to taunt your opponent
  • All 16 dual-colored Spinners (4 free, plus 12 lab-pass only spinners)
  • Exclusive Members-Only server
  • Up to 5 Map slots to save, play, and share your custom levels with free and Lab-players
  • VIP-power, so you can challenge Free Players to games with Members-Only weapons and maps


Anonymous said...

After a whole 2 1/2 years we finally get a response about the game....

Anonymous said...

why? the games been made for 1 @ 1/2 years (leaked info) theyve just done polishing. i got a beta copy from a jumpdrive from a friend. i cna post if u guys want and alot of variables. but ur gonna have a hell of a time hacking the new game..( denail systems.. ;/)

Trinity[yea im back yo] said...

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Tommy said...

wow they made this not free?

Anonymous said...

can you un ban me from the forums what is the matter wth you banning some one for a reason thats unknown to me fo a yea and not awnsering mei asked like 30 tmes now cmon just unban me or tell me why i been banned

Anonymous said...

srry rly bad typos then its 3 am tired and btw my darket forum name is Gene-Starwind

Phantom , Admin said...

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Anonymous said...

user name:powerfulkiller1

Anonymous said...

y the fuck do we have 2 show our user name(like this better) n password(hate when we have 2 give password) 2 cred hack man!!!???How do we no if u sleal our accounts?

Anonymous said...

why do u need to pay. thats gay

Anonymous said...

User name: killerbladesxx
password: snows