Mar 26, 2008

Zwok Multiplayer Trainer

Yep another multi-player game trainer. This one is for a game called Zwok which is like a team turned based strategy game. Its pretty fun, but you may get kicked if your Over Abusive so try not too cheat too hard ;) Pic of trainer below.



Anonymous said...

ay im sorry to bug you and all but can you please try to hack or make a trainer with i would really appreciate it HIGHLY!!! lol but yeah can you see wat you can do please?? thank you in andvance

Haxbox007 said...

Yo Teiz.. Just a note, the Icon, is the Rammstein logo, not sue ya knew, but yeah, if its on purpose, they are a great band, and its a nice commical Twist. :P

Teizhcial said...

Yes I did know and yes I do like the band :P

Anonymous said...

Nice job on this, Teiz. I love pwning the noobs.(I especially like the teleport hack!)