Aug 25, 2007

Downloading Visual Basic 6.0

Ive gotten alot of people asking me where they can get there hands on VB6. The place to get it is the Opium T3st 2 Forums. There we have a large amount of different download collections and many other things such as exclusive trainers Hacks packs programs and all sorts of other stuff. Thats why Ive decided to give you a sample of the forums by releasing spam bot 5.0 Version 6.0 is already available on the forums. So thats why you should register today and start posting to see all of the cool stuff on the forums. I haven't been working on any projects lately but will be making more trainer soon.

Click here to go to the Opium T3st 2 forums
(you need to register to see them)

About Spam-Bot 5.0:
-New Extra Feartures
-Cd Tray opener
-Html Info
-Fixed you haft to press stop when it opens

Download Spam-Bot 5.0

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wats this place for